The Lang School uses a combination of project-based group learning, fluid math and literacy subgroups, 1:1 tutoring for individualized remediation, and accelerated learning opportunities in areas of advanced knowledge and/or interest. Teachers differentiate both curriculum and instruction, so each student receives an education that fits.

Literacy methodologies include Fountas & Pinnell, Great Leaps Reading, Recipe for Reading, Step Up to Writing, Orton-Gillingham, and Teachers College Reading and Writing Workshop (TCRWP). Since many of our otherwise precocious students tend to be resistant writers, the school helps students explore “writing” in a variety of nontraditional ways that build traditional writing skills. Math curricula and methodologies are a hybrid of Singapore Math and math workshop (or math circle).

Our developmentally differentated technology & engineering curricula engage students of all ages in experiencing the importance of math and logic in comprehending and modelling the world we live in.

Science, history, and social studies classes are interdisciplinary. In-class work is supplemented by fieldtrips. In the fall and spring, reading and math assessments are administered. We also offer ERB standardized testing annually for the purpose of providing our students with testing practice opportunities.


A SMARTBoard in every classroom enhances group learning, and each child is assigned their own iPad. Our technology/logic class teaches students 1-12 programming skills from the basics of Boolean logic through object-oriented coding.