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Science (K/1)

Kindergarten, First Grade

Lower School



Course Description:

The Kindergarten and First Grade Science course is designed to foster curiosity and develop a foundational understanding of scientific concepts in young learners. Through hands-on exploration, observation, and inquiry-based activities, students will develop scientific thinking skills and engage in age-appropriate investigations across various scientific domains.

Course Objectives:

1. Life Science: Students will explore the characteristics of living things, including plants and animals. They will learn about basic needs, life cycles, and the interdependence of living organisms.

2. Physical Science: Students will investigate the properties of matter, such as color, shape, and texture. They will explore concepts of light and sound, forces and motion, and simple machines.

3. Earth and Space Science: Students will develop an understanding of the Earth's features, including landforms, weather patterns, and the water cycle. They will also explore the solar system and the patterns of day and night.

4. Scientific Inquiry: Students will develop skills in asking questions, making observations, and conducting simple investigations. They will learn to record and communicate their findings using age-appropriate methods.

Teaching Methods:

The course will utilize a variety of teaching methods to engage students and promote active learning. Teachers will incorporate hands-on experiments, demonstrations, nature walks, and interactive discussions to make science concepts tangible and accessible. Students will be encouraged to ask questions, make predictions, and draw conclusions based on their observations.


Assessment will be ongoing and varied, including observations, informal assessments, and projects. Students may be assessed through their participation in experiments, completion of science journals, and oral presentations. These assessments will provide feedback to students and parents on progress and areas for growth. Teachers will use assessment data to inform instruction and tailor learning experiences to meet the needs of all students.

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