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Updated: Jul 20, 2020

I sat with each of you in my office when you were considering Lang for your child. We spoke about partnership, how Lang looks for good-fit parents as much as it looks for good-fit students, because when things get tough, we need to be able to partner in helping your child clear new hurdles.

We are in week four of remote learning, and the hurdle of the week is remote learning itself. The question is how we as parents can partner with the school, so part of our homes can become our child's Lang classroom — and how can we maximize their success together in that classroom each school day.

I imagine that one of the reasons you chose Lang was for the individualized, research-based support we offer our students. A lot of that support is baked into the design of our classrooms, woven into each lesson by hand in response to student needs in the moment, and offered uncritically as a tool to be used until its utility has been internalized.

We need to work together to get your child prepared for and stay engaged in learning; to help your child take the movement and other breaks they need, then return to class; and — despite what siblings or friends might or might not be doing or thinking about during this period — to encourage your child to see this remote learning semester as the real school experience it is. This counts. At Lang, there aren't any do overs for what students could have learned this semester. We didn't take the shortcut, pass/fail, no homework, two hours a day with a pile of paper route. Because we believe in our partnership and we believe in our students.

Below is a starter kit of tools and advice that will help transform some part of your home into a Lang classroom


Watch this seating ergonomics youtube video& do what you can to emulate this at home:

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