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Research Skills

Research Skills

In “research skills,” students will explore the fundamental aspects of the research process - effectively gathering, evaluating, and responsibly using information from various sources.
The course will guide students in selecting research topics that pique their interests, and help them to develop strong research questions before delving into effective search strategies. We will practice using databases available on the NovelNY website, as well as JSTOR.
They will also develop critical skills in evaluating the credibility and reliability of sources. Note-taking and organization techniques will be emphasized to help students manage their research effectively. Students will also work to understand the importance of proper citations and avoiding plagiarism.
Some essential questions:
What is research and why is it vital?
How can I select an appropriate research topic?
What are reliable methods for information retrieval?
How can I assess the trustworthiness of sources?
What are effective strategies for note-taking and organization?
How can I prevent plagiarism?
Students will be assessed based on their participation in discussions, engagement in activities, and understanding demonstrated in reflection exercises.
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