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Ronnie Scott

Physical Education Teacher


Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, I grew up the oldest of three kids and was always active as a child. I played all sports, but was most serious about football and track and continued to pursue them in high school. I was grateful to have two coaches who helped me become a better athlete and person who I am today. I received a track scholarship to Tennessee State where I competed in sprints and field events. After college, I worked a few different jobs such as security, management, and as a personal trainer for some time training adults at Crunch Fitness. It was my passion for fitness and sports and the idea of helping people especially the younger generation that became my primary  focus. Prior to joining the Lang School community, I worked as a fitness instructor coaching kids on different movement techniques and training methods that can help them in whatever sport they decide to pursue. My goal is to use my talents and expertise to help the youth progress positively in any way shape or form. I also want to show them that there are positive male figures that care about them and can relate to them as well.

Ronnie Scott
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