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Sophie Rose Anger

Librarian & Creative Writing Teacher


I am really excited to serve as Lang's as School Librarian and Creative Writing Teacher. After studying Education and English in undergrad, directing a creative literature after-school program, and teaching 6th grade ELA for three years, I decided that what I ultimately want to be is a school librarian. I love curating engaging libraries, fostering a love of reading among the youth, assisting with research skills, and supporting teachers and students with all sorts of learning resources. I am currently studying library science in grad school, focusing on a “School Media Specialist” track, so I feel very lucky to be able to presently apply what I’m learning to my work at Lang. I do love to read and journal myself, but I can also be found making music, biking to any and every destination, and simply hanging out with friends and family in Brooklyn.

Sophie Rose Anger
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