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Drama (4/5)

Fourth Grade, Fifth Grade

Lower School



This class continues the work and build on skills developed in earlier grades, and is geared towards creative theatrical play, with students additionally beginning to appreciate the art and skills of improvisation and spontaneous theatrical creativity. Beginner and more advanced theater games and exercises, with an emphasis on imagination and collaboration, are key areas of attention. Further attention on voice projection and gestural, physical language. Overarching goal and continued learning/growth is for students is to understand and appreciate life skills concepts such as collaboration, acceptance, self- confidence, support of the ensemble and cooperation. Fundamentals of the rules and aims of theater games and exercises are developed, with a continual emphasis on acceptance/agreement and ensemble spirit. All of these skills, and more, are engaged with on a weekly basis. Throughout the year, students continually work on active participation and peer support. Summative assessment based on consistent engagement, effort and success, especially with preparations/rehearsals and performance in two showcases during the academic year (Winter and Spring).

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