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Welcome to Lang

On behalf of our faculty, therapy team, and school leadership, I welcome you to The Lang School.


The Lang School is both a home and a waypoint on our students' journeys of self-discovery as learners. In our work with twice exceptional students and their families, we are guided by a deep belief in the potential of all learners and by the principle that our school must always strive to fit itself to the needs of our learners. The beliefs and principles that drive learning at The Lang School also define our admissions process. Through this process you will develop a deeper understanding of Lang's mission, programs, and practices as we learn more about you and your child. This collaborative relationship is an essential and defining characteristic of the Lang learning experience. It is how we create the best learning and developmental environment for each child that meets their specific strengths and needs.


As a parent, the journey to find the right learning community for your child is one of singular importance. Our goal in partnering with you through this process is to ensure that you learn everything you can about our school community and about how we cultivate in our students deeper learning, an expanding sense of self and connection with others, and a spirit of purposeful engagement with the wider world. Through ongoing dialog with our admissions team, visits to the school and connecting you with past and present parents who can share their Lang experiences with you, we hope that you will come to understand how at The Lang School "through the nurturing of purpose, passion, and talent, exceptionality is not only recognized, but celebrated."


We have designed our admissions process to make clear how we empower and teach our students to begin building a foundation for their futures.  To do this, we partner with our families to provide students with the skills and dispositions that will empower them to be their most successful selves academically, socially, and emotionally.  


Please feel free to contact me for any questions you may have about our school, the admission process, scheduling one of our weekly tours or to request a 1:1 meeting. I look forward to meeting you soon and welcome you to the Lang learning community.


Mark Silberberg

Director of Admissions & Strategic Initiatives


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