Our Team

Research demonstrates that providing gifted children with in-school opportunities for accelerated learning and talent development with ability peers improves long-term academic achievement, creative accomplishment, and commitment to learning — and not doing so contributes to chronic underachievement, low self-esteem, and a lack of motivation and direction, especially among gifted students with learning challenges (i.e., 2e students).


At the heart of everything we do at Lang is talent development, which surfaces and stokes passions, provides structure and viability for big ideas, instills a sense of purpose and commitment, and, ultimately, develops gifts and grit. Professional development (PD) — talent development for staff — is as vital to Lang's model as talent development for students. Our staff is invited to refine and reflect on their own skills and passions via ongoing in-house coaching and year-round PD both on campus and off. A school can only sustain a robust student talent development program with a growth mindset-oriented team of teachers continuously invited to develop their own strengths and talents.


With highly credentialed faculty trained in gifted and special education who are content area masters and who understand our students' acceleration and support needs, students thrive at Lang. We take great pride in our staff's commitment to helping our students achieve their full potential, and we demonstrate that pride by investing heavily in our staff's achievement of their own full potential. 

We are always looking for dynamic, driven, collaborative educators and support professionals with a growth mindset to work with our unique population of learners. Lang staff enjoy exceptional on-site supervision and coaching in pedagogy and planning, plentiful access to paid professional development, generous planning periods, and a strong sense of community support (from school leadership to peers and parents). Interested applicants should email (no phone calls) and include a professional resume listing credentials, as well as a cover letter explaining interest in Lang and describing experiences with exceptional populations.