Extracurricular Programs

The Lang School is excited to offer a rich menu of different lunchtime and after school programs for our Lower and Upper School Students. Below you will find a snapshot of what we are currently offering this season.

Study Lab

Are you looking for a quiet, comfortable place for your child to complete homework? Join us after school for Study Lab any or everyday and have Lang teachers support your child as they complete their homework assignments. Staff will encourage small groups of students to maintain focus, develop good work habits, and practice self-advocacy. In addition, staff will provide transferable executive functioning supports (consistent with those taught during the school day) that will help students manage their workload more independently over time.

Girls' Alliance

A third of Lang's students are girls, the most rapidly growing group of students at Lang. As the school doesn't have a 50:50 ratio of girls to boys in each class, Girls' Alliance offers our girls of all ages a chance to break bread together during lunch in our MakerSpace and feel they have a place of their own where their voices, needs, and interests come first. All students who identify as girls are welcome. One of our School Psychologists facilitates this fun and casual gathering, where students talk, plan projects and trips together, create with the many materials available, and where organic mentoring relationships and friendships between older and younger girls are fostered.

Improv Comedy

This class uses humor and theater to help learners develop social and emotional skills. Each activity has a short-term goal that can be met through collaboration, social interaction, and the shared reality of the players. Students will experience two perspectives during improvisational play: that of the player, and that of the audience member. The freedom to use their creativity, imagination, sense of humor, and knowledge about various topics is a great incentive to play. Targeted skills that will be developed: Social Skills — learning how to communicate and collaborate effectively with others; Emotional skills — meeting the complex interpersonal challenges of life; Executive Functioning Skills — accessing and organizing information to achieve goals and complete tasks.

Programming Club

This class is for students who are interested in computer programming and technology. During this course, students will make a video game, build a website, or create a programming project of their own design. Students will be encouraged to come in with their own ideas, and our technology teacher will help plan projects and build the coding skills to make those ideas a reality.

Math Club

Role-Playing Games (RPGs)

Math Club is an opportunity for students to explore topics that do not fall neatly into any math curriculum. This is not a competitive math team. Rather, it is a group of students interested in collaboratively solving rigorous problems and investigating novel math-related ideas. Math Club is interest-driven; members are welcome to suggest topics and lead sessions. A favorite problem of the group's facilitator (Lang's Upper School Math Specialist): “Right now, there are two antipodal points on earth where the temperature is exactly 62 degrees; true or false?”  ​

Lang hosts several RPG classes each season offered by Brooklyn Strategist, including Dungeons & Dragons, and more…. Offered by Brooklyn Strategist, Introduction to Roleplaying Games will teach the rules of a few beginner-friendly games and introduce players to the core concepts of roleplaying games (RPGs). RPG players are immersed in a shared storytelling experience as they work together to overcome obstacles and solve problems. All of our RPG classes emphasize cooperative decision making and good sportsmanship.

Trans and Non-Binary Alliance

In keeping with Lang's ethos of openly embracing differences and what each of our unique students brings to our community, our Trans & Non-Binary Alliance offers gender fluid and gender questioning students of all ages a staff-facilitated, supportive space where they can share experiences and brainstorm how to grow awareness of the strengths and struggles of the LGBTQ community. The TNBA has promoted school-wide events (such as Transgender Day of Remembrance), hosted visitors from GLSEN NYC who've shared the "coming out" stories of their own children, and advocated for the creation of Lang's nongendered bathrooms.