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Indie Studies Advisory

Sixth Grade, Seventh Grade, Eighth Grade, Ninth Grade, Tenth Grade, Eleventh Grade

Middle School, Upper School



The IndieStudies class challenges students to define and propose a long term project. Students brainstorm areas of interest/inquiry, conduct research, and develop a project proposal. Students then present their proposals to a small panel of teachers and fellow students. The panel members pose questions and offer constructive feedback and suggestions, when necessary. Once a project idea is approved, students proceed to develop in more detail the proposed project with advisors and coaches taking a role in scaffolding and supporting the project. Coaches endeavor to help students find credible sources, seek out experts in the field (mentors), and take part in relevant field trips (if applicable) to support this student-driven study. Along the way, coaches teach and support executive functioning skills as they relate to individual projects and the unique needs of each student. IndieStudies concludes with an end-of-year Roundtable, at which students present and defend their finished project to a panel of teachers and students.

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