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Social Studies (K/1)

Kindergarten, First Grade

Lower School



Course Description:

The Kindergarten and First Grade Social Studies course is designed to introduce young learners to the world around them and develop their understanding of basic social studies concepts. Through engaging activities, discussions, and hands-on experiences, students will explore topics such as community, diversity, geography, history, and citizenship.

Course Objectives:

1. Community: Students will learn about the concept of community and develop an understanding of their roles and responsibilities within their own community. They will explore different community helpers, local landmarks, and community traditions.

2. Diversity: Students will develop an appreciation for diversity and learn about different cultures, traditions, and celebrations. They will explore similarities and differences among people and develop respect for others.

3. Citizenship: Students will learn about the rights and responsibilities of being a good citizen. They will explore concepts such as fairness, honesty, and respect for others. They will also learn about the importance of rules and laws in society.

Teaching Methods:

The course will utilize a variety of teaching methods to engage students and make social studies concepts meaningful and relevant. Teachers will incorporate read-alouds, discussions, hands-on activities, and virtual field trips to bring the content to life. Role-playing, simulations, and project-based learning will also be used to deepen understanding and promote active participation.


Assessment will be ongoing and varied, including observations, informal assessments, and projects. Students may be assessed through discussions, presentations, written reflections, and hands-on activities. These assessments will provide feedback to students and parents on progress and areas for growth. Teachers will use assessment data to inform instruction and tailor learning experiences to meet the needs of all students.

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