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A progressive K-12 education for gifted & twice exceptional (2e) students.


What's Happening @thelangschool

Our Mission

The Lang School educates twice-exceptional (2e) children — gifted students with learning differences. We offer these highly promising learners a rigorous, child-centered, empirically validated education with integrated supports that foster independence and self-advocacy. We model and teach students to own their impact, and empower them to speak up and stand up for equity and social justice. For most people, the school years are about fitting in, while adulthood is about standing out; for 2e children, standing out comes early. At Lang, through the nurturing of purpose, passion, and talent, exceptionality is not only recognized but celebrated.


Makers. Thinkers. Dreamers. Innovators.
Go–their–own–wayers. Jokesters. Critics. Artists. Writers. Scientists. Explorers.
Programmers. Inventors. Inquirers. Sleuths.
Creating–our–tomorrow–ers. Trailblazers.
Musicians. Actors. Builders. Seekers.


“Lang is a life saver. They recognize our child’s strengths and build on them. They recognize his areas of challenge and help him work on those.They’ve created a safe space that he looks forward to going to every day. It is better than we ever hoped for. It has changed all of our lives.”


A tailored multi-disciplinary plan is created to target each child’s unique needs in a classroom context, where extensive enrichment and acceleration options complement our robustly differentiated curriculum for grades K through 7. We employ evidence-based practices — OTMP/OST, Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD), Zones of Regulation, Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS), daily report cards & more, as needed — to develop self-awareness and self-regulated learning.


We prepare 8th to 12th graders for college by incorporating their unique needs and passions into each school day, offering early opportunities for the development of individual talents, which keeps motivation at the heart of each school day. Our integrated interventions include OTMP/OST (to develop executive functions), SRSD, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), CPS & more, as needed. In BASIS classes, students receive academic acceleration or support 1:1 from content-area specialists.

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) & Academic Supports

To promote the development of domain-specific skills and to focus on the social-emotional challenges particular to twice-exceptionality and giftedness, our social emotional learning (SEL) and academic support specialists meet with students individually and in groups throughout the day — pushing into or leading classes for 1:1 in vivo support and didactic learning, as well as pulling out individual students, pairs, and small groups, including during lunch and recess. Our flexible menu of integrated and 1:1 empirically validated interventions are delivered by doctoral-level school psychologists, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, Orton-Gillingham certified learning specialists, and gifted/special education-trained content area specialists in order to develop our students’ skills both in and beyond the classroom.


Twice-exceptional and gifted students often display a tendency toward perfectionism but, with the right mix of SEL and academic supports, our students are able to develop more balanced expectations of themselves and to stay motivated about learning and school. 

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