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Jamal Obi Sullivan


Jamal Obi Sullivan received his MFA in Film, Video and Computer Animation from the University of Southern California and his BFA in Electronic Studio from Howard University.

Along with his mother, Melba Nicholson Sullivan, PhD, he is the father of Jamal Kai Sullivan, a blossoming student here at Lang.

As a professor, he has domestic and international experience. He is currently a tenured Associate Professor and Program Coordinator at BMCC. Most recently he has taught as visiting faculty at Pratt Institute and part-time faculty at the Art Institute of New York. He also helped establish the Multimedia and Film program at the American University of Nigeria. As a student he helped shape the Electronic Studio major at Howard University and was the first graduate of that program. He continued to refine that major after returning to his alma mater to teach after more than a decade of industry experience.

As an artist, he is very much interested in continuing to explore animation as art as well as expand his practical knowledge of animation as craft. His personal focus is on character animation, visual storytelling and expressing global messages.

Jamal Obi Sullivan
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