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Schedule a Library Lesson w/ Sophie

​Examples of customize lessons to support your curriculum:

+​ Picking "just right" independent reading books.

+​ Find books in the Libib catalog.  

+​ Find scholarly articles with databases such as JSTOR, Gale, and Britannica
               (This works best in two 45 minute sessions.)

+ Evaluate web resources.

+ Access public library resources - books and databases (+ fine free library cards).

+ Note-taking methods and tips (graphic organizers included)

+ Cite sources, including using online tools to create and store citations.

+ Create an annotated bibliography.

+ Locate and analyze primary source documents.

+ News/Media literacy workshops,

               guiding students to evaluate information and read critically.

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your desired visit.

Free Information Literacy Resources

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Click above to get free lesson plans and materials for classes on digital citizenship, artificial intelligence, news & media literacy.

Free Resources for Research Projects 

Click below to visit Novel NY - an online virtual library connecting New Yorkers to 21st century information via libraries and library systems statewide. Includes databases, collections, and encyclopedias such as Gale, Britannica, and the NY Times.

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Click above to get lessons and professional learning resources catered to your subject area, grade level, and specific material needs.

There is also an extensive Media Literacy Toolkit!

A helpful document on research questions:

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Click above to access Project Look Sharp, an Ithaca College initiative that has many free materials. Their lessons help engage students in rigorous and reflective analysis of rich media documents. 

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A graphic organizer to help students question and challenge the text:

The game Interland is made up of four mini-games: Reality River, which prepares you to recognize inaccurate and dangerous information, Mindful Mountain, which teaches you to be intentional when sharing information on the internet (personal or otherwise), Tower of Treasure, which focuses on cybersecurity, and Kind Kingdom, which encourages you to put your best foot forward, even in digital space.

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The below document can be used to help students plan and generate search terms, assess credibility of sources, and then take notes on useful + relevant information.

Free Resources for
Citations and
Annotated Bibliographies

Resources + Lessons

on Plagiarism:


  • Help students identify plagiarism

  • Practice locating citation information ​

    • This lesson plan, from the Brooklyn Public Library's Brooklyn Connections program, gives students an opportunity to practice finding citation information​ in a range of source materials: Citing Sources lesson plan.

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